Feb 18, 2014

Mallory + Russ Engagements

Is there anything more special than taking your engagement photos on the same place of the proposal? This is the case with this sweet couple, Mallory and Russ. I gotta say though it was a beautiful and clear winter day, they sure didn't let the chilly air lower their spirits. Can't wait for their wedding later this year!

Dec 30, 2013

2013 Favorite Frames

Honestly I wasn't thinking it was going to be THIS hard to pick my favorites. I guess, because this is the first time I'm doing this, I just realized 365 days are waaay too many to fit into one blog post, so bear with me--I promise these are good. ;)

2013 has been a year of many changes, both personal and professional. I had my first baby back in January and with new life came a new me. With baby and school taking up most of my time, I was determined to explore and expand my craft as much as I could.

I fell in love with the studio and the ability it gives me to control light and make magic from scratch.

I was also able to capture fleeting moments that nobody can predict, and I must say I surprised myself with some of these:

Worked with amazing girls that lit up my life in front and behind the camera:

And I was also lucky enough to spend a beautiful time with beautiful couples in their happy place :)

I also teamed up with commercial photographer Jerry Garns and other amazing apprentices (aka: photo students) and together we produced these two shots. (You won't believe how much time and attention to detail it takes for these commercial-driven shots to happen). You see the lights coming through the window on both shots? They're pretty much made up... ;)

I also had a fine art photo exhibit called Cloud People all about accepting who you are (something I definitely learned a lot about this year): 
...and worked on another fine art project all about auction items. Here's a preview:

To top it all off, I ended the year with a BANG by completing a commercial job for Spa Trouvé (more on that soon) and producing my first ever styled shoot to which here is a special sneak peek:

PHEW! Looking back at all these frames from 2013 makes me giddy for what's in store next year. Is it too much to ask for this same rewarding feeling next December? I do know that I've reinvented myself quite a lot this year and do plan on refining my brand and style even more next year. This in mind, my hope is that this success will only push me to experiment and be inspired by other creatives and amazing clients as well.

HAPPY 2014!

Dec 28, 2013

Ana + Tim | Park City Mountain Resort Wedding

Last summer I was fortunate enough to second shoot a few weddings with Jacque of Jacque Lynn Photography. This particular one happened on a very rainy day. But luckily for these sweet lovebirds it only rained lightly before the ceremony, located on top of a mountain with the most amazing view. According to the bride herself it had been a dream of hers to be married surrounded by the mountains she grew up in.

Tim and Ana were so down to earth (even on their wedding day!) and yet so in love their smiles radiated everywhere! Meant to be happily married to each other!

Here are (many) of my favorites:

 In case you are wondering, the guy farthest to the left is Matt Grevers. Yup.

 One favorite moment during the ceremony was when some guest's umbrella blew away onto the bride and groom and Ana picked it up in laughter. She was such a good sport it made me think how lucky of a man Tim was.

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